Becky Marcussen: Artist, Teacher

Rebecca Marcussen spent most of her life in Effingham, yet she is a newcomer to Effingham County. To clarify what might sound confusing, she moved to Effingham County, Ga., coincidentally from Effingham, Illinois. Becky’s story is one of self-discovery and of finding your passion, no matter how long it takes. Three years after moving here, the talented and experienced artist, described as one who creates her own vision of reality, is comfortably settled in our Effingham. Back in Illinois, Beck

Destiny Bradshaw: A Passion To Help Others

Anyone who meets Destiny Bradshaw in person will agree that she has confidence, determination and, most importantly, faith. But whenever a nagging doubt does creep in, she says she looks in the mirror and gives herself one of the same pep talks she’s been giving individuals and families in need for years. She uses phrases like “Faith and fear cannot exist in the same space” and “When you follow your passion, that’s when doors open and you thrive”. Back in 2008, Destiny’s family was one that sud